Brooke Shields

A favourite pin-up for paedophiles everywhere, thanks to her role as an (admittedly very fetching!) 12-year old prostitute in 'Pretty Baby', Brooke's filmography is not, shall we say, highly distinguished otherwise. Neither 'The Blue Lagoon', nor 'Endless Love', won her massive critical acclaim (the latter is more noted now as Tom Cruise's debut) and if possible. her career has gone downhill from there. Even large-budget pics like 'Brenda Starr' failed to get a release in America, though an appearance in the Broadway version of 'Grease' revitalised her career by several notches.

This lack of recognition is a shame; her acting is no worse than many, though as long as the camera is pointing at her, I'd be satisfied. However, she seems more likely to be remembered as the last American virgin -- presumably no more, now that she is Mrs. Agassi (and going by the drop in Andre's form, she's making up for lost time!). She even did the Jodie Foster degree thing, but her reputation still seems bimbesque rather than Brechtian.

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