Winona Ryder

Winona is on her way down the chart -- not that she's any less pretty, in a quirky, girl-next-door sort of way, it's just that her recent work has been pretty much unwatchable: 'Little Woman' remains one of only two films from which I've walked out. [The other was 'The Trip'] It's sad to think that the talent seen in 'Heathers' has been wasted on pseudo-feminist costume dramas. 'Alien 4' was her final chance of redemption, as a result of her failure therein, it was be bye-bye 'Noni, and a big 'Hello' to Charlotte Lewis.

Better to dwell on past glories here: Winona takes a bubble bath in 'Square Dance'; Winona goes gothic in 'Beetlejuice'; Winona blows her scummy class-mates away in 'Heathers' -- but she's just so CUTE that you can't possibly blame her for it. Nor can one criticise Johnny Depp for getting 'Winona Forever' tattooed on his arm -- even if it now has to read 'Why Not Forever'... Somehow, hard to envisage the star of, er, 'House of the Spirits' provoking such a display of affection.

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