Denise Richards

She first came to my attention in 'Starship Troopers', where her amazing nose seemed as much a special effect as any of the bugs. But it wasn't until her fabulous appearance in 'Wild Things' that I really sat up and took notice: teenage lesbians DO have a habit of making me do that, y'know. :-) Seeing her threesome with Neve Campbell and some bloke (oh, yes, Matt Dillon), was a truly life-affirming experience. Oddly, the nose isn't anywhere near as noticeable here, which makes me wonder whether perhaps it IS a special effect...

Anyway, that's really been about the sum of her significant career to date, but one suspects it may be about to go stratospheric, as she's currently working on the new Bond film, "The World is Not Enough" [supposedly the Bond family motto, trivia fans]. Mind you, look what happened to Teri Hatcher, but I have every confidence that Denise is going to survive. She is simply too cute to do otherwise. [Thanks to Chris for the 'Details' magazine from which the accompanying pic comes.]

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