Mathilda May

Probably the least well-known artiste in this list, but if I say, "the nekkid space vampire in 'Lifeforce'", you'll probably know who I mean, and if she'd done nothing else, she would still be a contender. Her career has been very strongly based in France, and only a handful of her movies have escaped, but they've all been... thoroughly interesting, even 'Naked Tango', in which Mathilda dances the tango, naked. And with 'The Tit and the Moon' her other British release, she's currently batting 3-for-3 in the Flesh League, though Bigas Luna's cheerful paean to breasts met a rather better critical response.

All this and an album too, for Mathilda has joined the ranks of singing babes, alongside such luminaries as, er, Traci Lords and Milla Jovovich. But actually, the appeal of Mathilda's release (imaginatively titled 'Mathilda May') does extend a little bit further than the lovely triple fold-out cover pics. I'm not a great fan of jazz-funk, but this is certainly listenable enough, like a cute, female version of Terence Trent D'Arby perhaps. Acting; singing; what next? Aren't Spurs looking for a centre-forward?

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