Charlotte Lewis

From very early days in 'Grange Hill', Lewis has come a long way, though has never quite managed to break through into the big time. She's come close, on a couple of occasions, most notably in 'The Golden Child' opposite Eddie Murphy, but never quite managed to build on this to sustain a career, sinking instead into video fodder alongside Ian Thomas Griffiths -- but hell, so did Nastassja ['Crackerjack'].

However, we are not here to bury Charlotte, but to praise her fabulous looks, which she has no hesitation in flaunting at the camera. The pics at right (thanks, Lino!) come from 'Dial:Help', a wonderfully ludicrous Italian movie in which she is stalked by a psychotic telecommunications system, which causes her to start washing herself and her lingerie simultaneously... Click on any of the pics for the full scale version.

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