Hudson Leick

As bad-girl Callisto in cult TV series, 'Xena: Warrior Princess', Hudson Leick has become the attractive face of psychopathy. Slim, blonde and stunningly pretty, she would seem to be everything any man would want -- that is, if he's a suicidal masochist with a hatred for Xena. The heroine may have renounced her bad ways, but Leick provides a more than adequate replacement, chewing up scenery, along with anyone who gets in her way in her quest for revenge.

Leick's character has taken off in much the same way as Xena, originally a minor character herself. Whether this will lead to 'Callisto: Warrior Anorexic' remains to be seen, but it's unlikely: a BAD Callisto would be too much for network TV, and a GOOD one misses the point entirely. I used to think Lucy Lawless wasn't bad looking, but the lesbians can have her pudgy-cheeked, goody-goodyness; there's a new bitch-goddess-dominatrix in town. Leick is undoubtedly the hottest new babe on the block -- but only time will tell whether Hudson can live up to her early promise.

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