Nastassja Kinski

The prettiest woman on the planet. One of the best actresses around as well. Just unfortunately cursed with a dreadful eye for scripts... Such is the lot of Nastassja Kinski. I first encountered her in a wonderfully tacky soft-porn romp called "Passion Flower Hotel" on TV in the mid 80's, and from that moment on I was entranced by her beauty. The second film of hers I saw was 'Tess', and I then realised she could actually ACT as well. Since then, I've followed her career through highs, lows and non-existence, to her current return to Hollywood.

She has always struck me as one of the most REAL people operating in the movie industry; without pretension, she simply is how she is. Not just a pretty face, her command of languages is legendary, and she possesses an intelligence far beyond what you normally expect from actresses. There are so many moments in her cinematic career to treasure; she can light up an otherwise naff action flick ('Terminal Velocity') with the merest smile. Despite this, she has never received the critical or commercial success she deserves; indeed, she has helped sink two studios, Zoetrope ('One from the Heart') and Goldcrest ('Revolution'), and it's only with 'Terminal Velocity' that she passed the US$10m box-office mark.

Hopefully her renaissance in Hollywood might bring her the success she so undeniably deserves. At the very least, it should mean we get to see more of her than we have done recently.

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Nastassja deserves a great deal more space than she's got here, and that's why a longer-term project is "The Kinski Zone", which will be the part of this site devoted to chronicling the fabulous adventures of Nastassja in Movieland. Stay tuned for further details. Till then... [Index] [TC Home Page]