Audrey Hepburn

Notable as the only dead babe on the list, and also the only one to have snagged an Oscar, I have to admit that I don't like most of her movies that much, finding them shallow pieces of fluff which don't really do her justice. The two exceptions I've seen are 'My Fair Lady' and 'Funny Face' -- alright, neither are exactly Shakespeare, but both gave her more room in which to operate. Despite all the fame and fortune, she never let it go to her head and would seem to have been a genuinely nice person; I've yet to hear a single nasty word about her. She grew up in Holland during the war, which understandably stayed with her for the rest of her life -- perhaps true happiness was found in her role as an UNICEF ambassador, which showed how to grow old gracefully. Her beauty and charm stand as a lasting monument.

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