Emmanuelle Beart

First encountered in the Sunday Times colour supplement, Beart blasted onto our screens in 'Manon des Sources', the sequel to French classic, 'Jean de Florette', playing a wild shepherdess who extracts revenge for the death of her father. Despite its massive success, she has all but resisted the lure of Hollywood, save two excursions: 'Date With an Angel' and 'Mission: Impossible'. Neither proved particularly happy endeavours, and it looks likely that she won't be making a return trip for the foreseeable future. She has taken to the stage again though, recently turning up in Strindberg's 'Playing With Fire' in Nottingham, which I sadly missed...

Recently, however, Beart's filmic output has become too navel-gazing for its own good, relying heavily on existential angst. She IS a good actress, but I find this wearing after a while. Also, her rather laughable attempts at political involvement (at one demo, she reportedly turned up late and had to plead with the police to arrest her!) are working against her: I don't find such earnestness attractive or interesting, and she may perhaps have peaked.

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